Wal mart is generally immune to business cycles and even benefits

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Wal mart is generally immune to business cycles and even benefits

OK Very good For firms focused on cost leadership in general retail, positions this strong are only achieved through excellence in both back end tasks procurement, inbound logistics and front end task sales, outbound logistics. All three firms drive costs down through economies of scale in purchasing and logistics.

Maintaining limited inventories is critical to these companies, and at Costco the company also has a policy of eliminating accounts receivable and payable as well. The sales function and outbound logistics are critical elements of the strategy, because they drive the volume necessary to derive profits from every low margin sale.

Site location is a critical element of outbound logistics and merchandising is critical to increasing the average ticket and to attracting customers to the store.

Wal-Mart has an edge over Target in merchandising and inbound logistics, but Target is a strong competitor in most respects.

Wal mart is generally immune to business cycles and even benefits

Costco competes even more vigorously, adding a strong service function to excellence in logistics and merchandising. The company has three main lines of business -- retail, warehouse stores and online. Its competitive strategy is more or less the same in all three.

Where Wal-Mart derives value in its organization is in getting goods cheaply from suppliers and then undercutting its competition at the retail level. High volumes of traffic and sales are essential for the maintenance of this strategy.

Indeed, a reinforcing feedback loop is created when high volumes allow the company to win greater economies of scale. This lowers prices further, which in turn drives higher customer volumes.

Wal-Mart has effectively worked this feedback loop since its inception. These firms -- Target, Costco, Amazon and others -- are all at the very good or excellent level in the attributes that firms need to have to succeed in these industries.

This creates high barriers to entry for new firms, but also increases the intensity of rivalry for the firms already established in the industry. There are times when these retailers are so dominant in a given market that they function almost as an oligopoly. Wal-Mart is a highly successful company that has become dominant in its industry by excelling at the key success drivers of the industry.

The company has opportunities throughout the world, as its business model and buying power are largely transferable. The intensity of competition that Wal-Mart faces in virtually every market in which it competes has forced it to become a highly effective competitor, but also places constant pressure on the company to execute its strategy.

There are dozens of stakeholders in Wal-Mart. The most important of these are the customers, the employees, the shareholders, managers, suppliers, communities and regulators. The customers value low cost goods. Employees value jobs, pay and benefits. Shareholders seek returns on their investment.

Managers act as agents for the shareholders, but also have jobs, pay, benefits and careers to worry about. Communities want the jobs that Wal-Mart can create and the taxes that it pays. Wal-Mart is generally immune to business cycles, and even benefits from slumps.

The recent push for sustainability and enhanced environmental practices at the company largely comes from the customers. The technological market is important to Wal-Mart as a source of innovation that can help the company to drive down costs further.

Wal-Mart relies on technological advances to stay ahead of its competition. Wal-Mart may at times be impacted by labor or environmental laws, but in general those are not a major impediment for Wal-Mart at present. Wal-Mart has a number of strengths that have helped it reach its dominant position.

The most critical of these are its buying power, its logistics systems, its merchandising skills, its healthy balance sheet, its geographic diversification, its widely recognized brand, its close relationship….Eight in ten Americans shop at Wal-Mart.

“Always Low Prices” is not the only reason why most Americans prefer doing big-stop shopping in Wal-Mart. This gigantic store meets most of customers’ wants by providing: convenience of stores location, 24 working hours, great variety of goods, low prices, high quality of both goods and services, and other .

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Wal mart is generally immune to business cycles and even benefits

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