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Tour guide script sample

Introduce yourself at the start of the tour. I will serve as your guide throughout the day and will be happy to try to answer any questions that you may have.

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Please keep up with your group throughout the day. There are approximately visitors on campus today, and we do not want you to get lost in the crowd. If you become separated from your group, you can go to either room or of the Joseph Knuckles Science Annex. Any student or faculty member will be able to point you to this building.

The seven Founders were Tour guide script sample A. Bryant, Nelson Carter, Andrew J. Chesnutt, George Grainger, Matthew Leary. Thomas Lomax, and Robert Simmons. Robert Harris was named the first principal of what was known then as the Howard School.

It becomes the first and oldest state-supported institution of its kind in North Carolina. Only the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a longer history as a state-supported institution. The noted writer Charles W.

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Smith left Fayetteville in to accept an important diplomatic position abroad. He returned in to his position and served until he retirement in Many important events occurred about FSU during these last thirty-four years.

The institution moved to its permanent site on Murchison Road inand Aycock Building, first brick building on campus, was built in All high school work was discontinued in, and the title of Principal was changed to President.

Ward Seabrook succeeded E. Smith as President in Under his leadership the institution became a four-year college, was renamed Fayetteville State Teachers College inand earned both state and regional accreditation. Seabrook retired in and was elected President Emeritus.

Important advances made during his tenure include the revision of the charter in authorizing the expansion of the curriculum to include programs leading to degrees outside the teaching field; adoption of the name Fayetteville State College in ; and significant additions to the physical plant to accommodate growing enrollment.

Jones served as president until his retirement in Other subsequent presidents have included Dr. Charles "A" Lyons, Jr. Hackley, and the current chancellor Dr. Buildings and People in alphabetical order Butler Building.

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The Chestnutt Library, which opened in Fallis one of our most modern buildings. The building is linked to a computer network that allows us to interact with many other institutions and agencies.

If students need a book that is unavailable, it can be ordered from one of the other universities in the state. Besides books, the library has numerous journals, newspapers, indexes, and government documents.

Tour guide script sample

Chick Building is named after a former public school educator who was a long-time friend and benefactor of the university. The building also houses a variety of student services including the bookstore and tutorial services.

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Joseph Knuckles Science Annex. The department offers coursework in geography, history, philosophy, and political science. The Building is named after Dr.

Joseph Knuckles, a biology professor who taught at FSU for 42 years before passing away in Knuckles was also a member of the U. He was an important mentor and advisor to countless public school teachers and a scholar who wrote nearly fifty journal articles.

Knuckles also served as an assistant football coach for fourteen years.NatioNal assessmeNt Program – literacy aNd Numeracy WritiNg Narrative markiNg guide. Suppliers are your business partners. The right one can set you up for success. The wrong one can jeopardise your business before it’s even got off the ground.

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There are 6 tours you can guide for – Early Life & History of Life, Biodiversity, Mummies, World Cultures, Minerals and Dinosaurs (for their Tour Scripts, see the drop down menu that appears when you place your mouse over “Tour Guide Scripts”).

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