The battle essay

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The battle essay

The battle was fought around Gettysburg on July It is considered the bloodiest moment in the history of American Civil war, which led to the deaths of 50, men from either side. This compelled Lee to engage in a second campaign in the war-torn Northern Virginia.

The war ended on the third day following a series of confrontations on the Cemetery Ridge that led to numerous casualties. The events or factors that led to the battle are still obscure to most Americans.

The battle essay

This essay analyzes the significance of Gettysburg war on American political history. Firstly, the Gettysburg war is a critical event in American history. The war is considered a major turning point of the American civil wars.

In particular, the battle led to the victory of the union force bringing the civil wars to a halt. Following this victory, the union army took over the control of northern Virginia from the Confederates.

Thus, the victory of the union army fortified the US government under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln. The battle of Gettysburg also marked the dawn of American civil liberties.

Consequently, battle emphasized the meaning of freedom to Americans who had always considered themselves as citizens of a free nation. This is clarified in a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg National Cemetery to define the purpose of the battle.

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In his speech, Abraham Lincoln redefined the essence of freedom and its purpose to the nation. In particular, the speech claimed that true freedom was only achievable when all Americans were free.

This new wave of freedom included Black Americans both freed men and slaves. The dispute between the north and the south on the issue of slavery was the main factor that led to the civil wars.

Therefore, the battle hastened abolition of slavery. In conclusion, the battle of Gettysburg marks the most dramatic moment in the American civil wars. The battle led to the defeat of the Confederates and the creation of a new America under the Union Forces.

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The battle essay

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Confederate battle flags.

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The first Confederate national flag posed something of a problem, however. In the days before radio and telephonic technologies allowed for real-time communications.

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