Significance of street food

Print Food Since ancient times, the Korean people have maintained a belief that food and medicine have the same origin and hence perform the same function, following the adage that 'food is the best medicine'. They believe that health and illness alike come from the food they consume and how they eat it, and this idea has played a crucial role in the development of traditional Korean medicine whose basic principle is that we should use medicine only after food has failed. Fermentation of Food One of the key words to understanding traditional Korean food is fermentation, a metabolic process that helps food to 'mature' so that it has improved taste and nutritional properties and can be stored for a longer period. The Korean foods that best represent the tradition of fermentation developed in Korea include doenjang soybean pasteganjang soy sauceGochujang chili paste and jeotgal salted seafoodwhose fermentation can take anywhere from several months to several years.

Significance of street food

After all, street food is about accessibility and simplicity, and to infringe on either of these characteristics seems almost…. We turned up at the festival slightly past 1pm, eager to satisfy our hunger pangs.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Everyone else had the same idea, and the event was over-run with hungry attendees, forming endless queues all over the block, up the sidewalk and around trees.

These were among our favorite grab-and-go snacks from the supermarket when we were in Singapore and I was delighted to find them at the festival.

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We had the house-marinated eggplant onigiri, which vanished pretty quickly. The thick slice of eggplant provided just the right counterfoil to the sticky grains of rice. We also ordered the tuna onigiri — tuna marinated with a miso aioli — which I found a little dry and too paste-like for my taste.

Regardless, both were welcome appetizers refreshingly washed down with a cup of barley tea as we eyed our next target. Despite a minute wait, the food was worth every second. The gazpacho was nothing short of excellent, each sip exploding with a heady blend of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, tarragon, wine grapes, almonds and cilantro, tied together with drops of olive oil.

Their take on the traditional bruschetta with the tomaquet was, in my opinion, Californian cuisine at its best.

Significance of street food

Plump, juicy tomatoes bursting with flavor were served on a hot, crisp slice of grilled bread and dressed with a simple shallot, basil and olive oil dressing. It was a dish that had been over-reproduced on countless Italian restaurant menus all over the world, but its simplicity, married with vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients gave it a distinctively Californian attitude.

And that is where our adventure ended. Our hungry companions who arrived after we didwere reluctant to wait upwards of 45 minutes for lunch. The sight of endless queues and the prospect of navigating through snaking lines to figure out which stall each line belonged to, topped off with a long wait was hardly appealing.

That is why street food is important.Organized by La Cocina, a non-profit focused on developing ‘food entrepreneurs’, the event was part of the drive to raise awareness about street food culture and the challenges faced by vendors seeking legitimacy from the city.

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To most high school and college students, May is . that street food was more economical then home cooking, was readily available with a large number of vendors at their doorsteps and was convenient as time for cooking was scarce.

The survey also showed that street foods provide economic opportunities for low . While street food is older than the hills conceptually(dating back to ancient Greece), it has become a much bigger industry more recently with the mass popularization of the “food truck.” Food trucks have low overhead costs and hence can sell better food for less money that conventional restaurants, or .

The significance of the study is to give to people about the nutritional values of street foods. And to give people an idea on how street food vendors prepare their product.

And to know the advantages and disadvantages of eating street foods.

Mar 11,  · With the passage of time, this type of food plan was slightly transformed to meet client needs, without disturbing the main concept of this recipe type.

In today’s scenario, there are several Paleo diet recipes available which include the intake of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats, in the most.

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