Satire modest proposal essay

Letter to the Marquis de Lafayette 25 July As the complexion of European politics seems now from letters I have received from the Marqs. My first wish is to see this plague to mankind banished from off the Earth, and the sons and Daughters of this world employed in more pleasing and innocent amusements, than in preparing implements and exercising them for the destruction of mankind: Abbot transcription given at Founders Online differs slightly: We are either a united people, or we are not.

Satire modest proposal essay

Since this essay was a social satire, why not choose one of the social evils of our own day - homlesessness, poverty, drug abuse, etc.

Then, think of an outrageous way that you would solve the problem and follow the format of Swift's essay. First give facts and figures - you can just make them up, since this is a satire - and have fun with You will need to decide on a topic first.

First give facts and figures - you can just make them up, since this is a satire - and have fun with it. For example, if you chose homlessness, Swift's essay begins: It is a melancholy object to those who walk through this great town or travel in the country, when they see the streets, the roads, and cabin doors, crowded with beggars of the female sex, followed by three, four, or six children, all in rags and importuning every passenger for an alms.

These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants: A recent article in Time Magazine reports that there are currently two billion homeless people in the United States and this number increases by another every year.

You would continue on in this fashion, and give more facts, then make your proposal.

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It needs to be outrageous. What could you propose to solve homelessness? You can have fun with this. Since there is a shortage of teachers, the homeless should be gathered up on a bus and assigned to the various schools in the city to teach students. Since cities have to cut back on services, the homeless should all be given guns and deputized and made police officers.

The homeless should be recruited into the military and sent to Iraq to fight. The homeless should be sent to Washington to run the country in place of politicians this is my favorite! See the information about this essay here on enotes.Dec 12,  · What are some good examples of satirical essays?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 10 Answers. Danilo Branham. Let’s get began with the foundations of a satire essay. How to Write a Satire Essay in 5 Easy Steps. A . In “A Modest Proposal,” satire is one of the main elements Jonathan Swift uses to explain how Protestants abused Irish Catholics in the s.

Fair Use Policy; Satirical Elements In A Modest Proposal English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Swift’s proposal in his essay is a technique used to highlight a real issue and bring awareness to it by ridiculing the public (reader) through satire.

The definition of satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, and ridicule to expose and criticize people’s vices. Juvenelian Satire in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift - Effectively ushering change in society or pointing out faults that have existed and gone unnoticed can be .

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Satire modest proposal essay

Swift's essay, which is complete satire, is trying to reform the way the English people treated the impoverished Irish of his time.

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