Re write akane route

What plotholes are you talking about? He just up and made a second wrist blade on his left arm as well, creating dual wrist blades.

Re write akane route

She is the current Key in the main story and the incarnation of Earth. Contents [ show ] Personality Kagari expresses human emotions but some times she gets angry at Kotarou's perverted comments.

She uses the ribbons on her wrists to protect her from potential harm such as Kotarou attempting to touch her. Kagari rarely speaks and only says certain words pretaining to the situation she's in.

She may have a dark side which is mostly recognized by Kotarouin Kotori 's Route she is seen giving a sinister smile when Kotarou talked about the fate of the world and laughed heartedly when Kotori's familiar parents were being torn apart by a pack of black dogs. Kagari in Terra Route gained intelligence from observing humans and develops human-like, and often rude characteristics, such as insulting Kotarou and the human race for always fighting over meaningless subjects.

However, her understanding of humans is imperfect. She threw a destructive tantrum when she learned that Kotarou had exposes his infiltration of Gaia in order to save Akane and Tsukuno.

She and Moon Kagari share the desire for good memories. Appearance The previous Keys were described to take an innocent appearance, and as such, she has the form of a young teenage girl.

She is petite and slender in frame, and noted to have a small bust, to her disdain in the Oppai Route.

re write akane route

Her hair is silver and short, adorned with cross-shaped decoration, and her round eyes, while described in the story as black, is colored violet. Her characteristic attire is a black dress with bell sleeves and white petticoat, akin to a party dress.

She also wears black shoes and black stockings. Ribbons made of Aurora are tied around both her arms. In Harvest Festa, she wears the standard Kazamatsuri Academy uniform. She also wears a red blazer over a yellow t-shirt and a pair of long blue jeans.

On her wrists are red ribbons with long strands. The ribbons are able to deflect any attack used against her and are powerful enough to knock a person unconscious, or even to slice a person to pi.

The ribbons automatically grow to protect Kagari but she can attack a person at will if she wants. When there is a serious threat that may conflict harm onto Kagari, the number of ribbons multiplies to decrease the chance of her getting hurt. Some people are unable to see Kagari therefore she is able to stand in the midst of a battle and not worry about being attacked.

In the forest, she was completely invisible to the enemy while Kotarou and Mosu's lives were in danger. However, Kagari's invisibility only works as long as she is conscious, if she is rendered unconscious she can be seen by anyone.

Kagari singing the deadly Song of Destruction Singing: The moon Kagari seemingly killed Kotarou once by setting him on fire. When Kagari learned that Kotarou had exposed himself to Sakura Kashima to save Akane and Tsukuno, Kagari threw a tantrum; he ribbons turned razor-sharp and created a destructive cyclone around her.

Kagari in 'Vortex Mode' Husk: Shizuru Route Once the Key stabilizes, a shell is produced, which is practically invincible, evidently bullets are powerless against it, the hull is identical to Kagari. Quotes "Good memories must not be sad. She's the only heroine who kissed Kotarou not only once, but twice.

Kagari's black and white design, and the title of her theme Daisy, may have been based on the Daisyworld Modela hypothetical world inhabited by black and white daisies.

During her fight with TomokoKagari learned how to open and close windows using her ribbons. It is stated by Sougen Esaka that Kagari is part of the Earth's immune system and appears when human activity is harmful to the earth.

Kagari is the only heroine who is not human.Sep 20,  · Maybe it’s because I was an Akane fan going into the route but I thought Chihaya’s route was dark! That ending along with Chihaya’s past felt darker than most of the other stuff.

During Akane's Route: No choices. Moon: This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Make sure this is what you intended.

This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Thanks, we're checking your submission. OK Help. If you want specific numbers for length: Common: lines (It spans about a month and a half if I recall) Kotori: lines Chihaya: lines Lucia: lines Akane: lines Shizuru: lines Moon: lines Terra: lines Kotori first, Akane last, and Chihaya before Shizuru is what most people do.

Lucia's route is pretty stand . Like Kotori’s route, it’s hard to write about without revealing too much.

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Suffice to say, the writing is mind-blowing. Like Chihaya’s, Akane’s route could have benefited from better production, but . Title: Rewrite (Akane) Developer: Key, Visual Arts, Amaterasu Translations Release Date: June 24, Genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy Rating: All Ages *WARNING: SPOILERS* Akane Route.

Without a doubt, this is the best heroine route in the game. The story, good this animated route, it explain How? What?", so that was the very weak point with this animation, maybe because the length of the visual novel, this story have so much to say, so transfer this to the animation was unsuccessful at certain grade.

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