Organisations and communities influence social change essay

Check the model essay and then read the comments. Many people believe that social networking sites such as Facebook have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

Organisations and communities influence social change essay

However its direction, speed and nature are affected by several factors. Main factors which affect social change can be discussed a follows: Natural forces and factors play an important role in unifying or disintegrating the society.

Although human beings have made tremendous progress during the last years or so, yet they have not been able to wield full control over the nature. A storm, earthquake, flood, drought, disease and similar natural events even today can disrupt the social system.

Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, draughts, famines and other natural disasters always force changes in the social conditions and life of the affected people. As such, the natural factors can on the one hand, cause havoc in physical conditions of social life, these may also affect the social conditions in a positive way.

Large scale floods in Pakistan in August inflicted very heavy losses on more than 10 million people of the country. At the same time, these gave rise to very comprehensive human attempts at socio-economic reconstruction and development. Haiti is now getting rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of Geographical Factors of Social Change: The geographical conditions always affect the social system and act as factors of social change.

The cultural life of the people depends upon the physical environment. Progress also depends upon the availability of natural resources, their exploitation and how are these being recouped and preserved.

Organisations and communities influence social change essay

The climate always affects the socio-economic activities of the people. For instance, there is little economic activity at both poles North and South due to intense and long spells of cold the speed of social change remains negligible.

On the other hand, there is always an intense activity in temperate regions neither too cold nor too warmand consequently the speed of social changes is quite fast.

It is necessary to remember that physical environment changes slowly and in a society social change can come at a fast rate. As such geographic factors are not the sole determining factors of social change.

Social Change never comes due to any single factor. During the last several countries there have been no appreciable change in the physical environment of Europe and yet during the same period a big social change came in European societies under the impact of the technology revolution of the 20th century.

Biological factors also affect social change.

Organisations and communities influence social change essay

Biological factors are those factors which determine the structure, selection and hereditary qualities of generations. The human element is ever changing. Each new generation is different from previous generation. It is different in form, ideas and in many other ways from the one gone before. Darwin and Spencer are of the opinion that each generation and its members have to compromise with the physical environment.

Only those persons survive in the struggle for life who are fit and are able to live, or those, in other words, who have the ability to face the physical conditions.

The weak ones get destroyed. The process of the survival of the fittest affects the social organization. The Demographic factors always influence the process and nature of Social Change. The population increase or decrease always brings social problems. When the birth-rate in a society exceeds death-rate, population begins to rise.

A constantly rising population gives birth to poverty, unemployment, disease and several other related problems. On the other hand, a low birth-rate means leads to decrease in the size of the population. When population is low, there are fewer skilled hands available and the country cannot make full use of the natural resources.

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The social conditions deteriorate the size of families shrink and it affects the social relations. Even the sex ratio of in a society greatly influences social order. When in a society the number of women is more than men, the custom of polygamy sets in.

On the contrary, if there are more men than women, it often gives rise to polyandry.This essay considers how organisations and communities affect people's behaviours and influencing social change.

Firstly, from a 'management' perspective the focus will look at the 'strong link' of both structure and culture and how this affects people's behaviour to bring about possible social change.

Gary Foley's personal Koori History page, with monthly special features on aspects of the Aboriginal struggle, photos, essays, and action. Clarke and Dougherty () organize the scale of impacts as individual (affecting one or persons or organizations on their own), community or inter-organizational (affecting change at the community/regional or sector scale), and national or international (institutionalizing change .

Home > Y People, work and society. Question: TMA 03 How can organisations and communities both influence social change and affect people’s behaviour? Answer: This essay assesses how organisations and communities affect people’s behaviour and how they bring about social change.

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