My son s first birthday special occasion

July 6, Comments Oh my gosh you guys our baby girl turns one today!

My son s first birthday special occasion

It would have been for just us 4 and his grandparents. This past weekend my son was feeling much better so we figured this past Sunday would be a good day to finally cut him a cake he had been officially one year for almost a month now!

On the night before, around 10 pm, I decided to print a cake topper for him…. But it can be very unrealistic to create one for every single get together you may have. I had very little stress since all the items of the table were already there for me—I had no choice but to use what I had.

I had the jungle coloring sheet backdrop printed weeks ago, as I test them before putting them on sale—so I was lucky to have it handy. My husband had bought a small ice ream cake from Coldstone the night before. And we also bought some cupcakes just because….

The next day, we got 1.

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And we had some animal crackers laying around so I filled only one of the train boxes with them. My mom made the cute hats on that Sunday.

My son s first birthday special occasion

Are they not the cutest! I told her I loved craft paper mixed with fiery colors like the yummy colors in the color spectrum between yellow and orange and she worked her magic.

And let me just say that none of this could have been possible without printables!!!

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How awesome was it to decide last minute to need decorations for anything and be able to print and make them in the wee hours of the night!? I hope you enjoy these photos of our humble get together. I really do hope they inspire you to always remember that you can create a pretty scenery for anything wether it is huge party or a small get together.

I have a small surprise for you. It is kind of embarrassing as the quality is awful. And I am only showing it to you because it does tell a story. If you want to recreate something similar to this, I have the printable jungle party kit in the shop and I will add the extra items that I made for this celebration into it in the coming days.

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You can find the kit as it currently stands in the shop HERE. The coloring sheet backdrop can be found HERE. Interesting fact—I put this party kit on sale right about the time I was having my contractions a year ago.Convention seems to dictate that my son's first birthday is when he's a year old; Your son's first birthday will be 23 September 23 September was his zeroth birthday.

I offer you my best wishes on this special occasion of your life. share | improve this answer. answered Oct 6 '14 at Fraser Orr. First Birthday Invitation Wording The first birthday of your child is always a special occasion and demands a great party to make the event a memorable one.

You need to invite everyone you know and to make sure that they come. This Family Birthday Verses Poems Quotes page has Relative's Birthday poems and wishes verses for mum, mom and dad, parents, spouses, husband or wife or to grandma or nan or nana and granddad, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters and other relatives, including niece, the subject of the first .

Creative Ideas for Son' First Birthday Party. Updated on October 27, Any other fun or creative ideas for my son's first birthday would be greatly appreciated. Thanks moms!

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For Updates and Special Promotions. Follow Us Related Questions. 10 Th Birthday. A birthday celebration for your wonderful daughter must be as unique and special as she is. It is fun to get together and make incredibly fun and lasting memories.

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