Mukesh aggarwal business plan

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Mukesh aggarwal business plan

Plot[ edit ] The film opens dramatically with Arya Allu Arjun being carried into an operation theatre. His friend Ajay Navdeep narrates how Arya changed his life. In their childhood, Arya stays in an orphanage where he has no friends or family.

By force, he befriends Ajay who also is in that orphanage.

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From an early age, Arya displays an unusual psychology which sets him apart from the rest of the kids. He is unnaturally possessive about Ajay. However, Ajay is not too fond of his 'friend'.

One day, Ajay is adopted by a rich family and happily leaves the orphanage, as well as Arya, behind him. As time passes, he becomes a well-established business tycoon and has his own software company.

Meanwhile, Arya grows into a "thief" and tracks Ajay down. His affection towards Ajay doesn't diminish despite the passage of years and he is ready to go to great lengths for the sake of their friendship. Ajay, however, feels ashamed to say that Arya is his friend and avoids him.

But Arya convinces him almost in a threatening manner that he would be on his best behavior if he be given a job in Ajay's company. Ajay reluctantly agrees with the only condition as: Thus, Arya artfully converts himself into a "Mr.

Perfect" without any flaws and joins the company. Everyone in the company is instantly fond of Arya, especially Shanti Shraddha Das who is madly in love with him.

mukesh aggarwal business plan

One day, Geetha Kajal Aggarwal joins the company and Ajay and Arya both immediately fall in love with her. However, Ajay doesn't express his feelings, but Arya keeps confessing his love to Geetha.

Arya does all this in his weird, unusual style, while expertly concealing this from everyone else. Geetha tries to expose Arya but no one is convinced.

But one night, Geetha manages to emotionally blackmail Arya into confessing his real character such as drinking and smoking in front of the whole staff and proves that he isn't "perfect" and has a lot of flaws. Arya proposes to Geetha in front of everyone, including Shanti, and in this frustration, she proposes to Ajay, just to irk Arya and get rid of him.

Ajay isn't satisfied with this and wants to get rid of Arya for good, so crashes his own Ajay's car and weaves a story that Arya has crashed him, in hopes that everyone would accuse Arya and he would be fired. At this juncture, Geetha comes to know that Ajay too loves her. Geetha is touched and reflects on her fondness for Ajay, confusing it for love.

She declares that she too reciprocates Ajay's love. On hearing this, Arya undergoes a dramatic transformation.

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He decides to sacrifice his love and arrange Ajay and Geetha's wedding. However, on the day of their wedding, Geetha is taken away by her family to her hometown. Her father, who is a gang lord in her hometown, wants to marry her off to the son of a rival gang lord in order to resolve the long-lasting conflict between the two gangs.

Arya decides to bring her back at any cost for Ajay. He is introduced to her family and he stays at her house amid the preparations for the wedding between her and the rival gang lord's son. Due to a misunderstanding conspired by Arya, the wedding is stopped and Arya is asked to marry Geetha by her father.

Arya agrees and justifies this by saying that, had he not accepted, Geetha would be married off to another person, and Ajay can never get her back. After their marriage, Ajay arrives to their town and the trio decide to go away from the place before Geetha's family manage to catch up to them.

All this while, Geetha's family has grown really fond of Arya. The three of them stay at a hotel and decide that they must forget all of their worries for Geetha and Ajay would be gone and Arya left alone.

During this time, Geetha grows closer to Arya and sympathizes with his feelings. Arya plans for the duo to go to America, but Ajay, unbeknownst to Arya, changes the plan for them to go to Australia, for he fears that Arya will somehow stop them from escaping.

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As Ajay and Geetha are about to escape, Geetha's father arrives with his entourage and finds them. Ajay is enraged and believes that it is Arya who's called them, but Geetha reveals that she has called them because she believed what they were doing wasn't fair to both Arya and her family, and hoped to talk things out with them instead of betraying their trust.

Geetha's father wants her to be with Arya instead of Ajay, because he realizes how much Arya really treasures and cherishes her.Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, MD is an ophthalmology specialist in Merritt Island, FL and has been practicing for 41 years. He graduated from Institute Of Medical Sciences, Varanasi, Banaras Hindu University in and specializes in ophthalmology.3/5(27).

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mukesh aggarwal business plan

SIM cards may not be available at airports in USA, and you may have to shop around for the best plan to call India. You may run up high roaming charges in the first few hours itself. S N Srivastava, special commissioner of police, special cell, said Vinay had decided to settle scores with his estranged financier-cum-partner, Mukesh Aggarwal.

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