Into thin air mini essay

With or without that old religion, chapels are emergency rooms for the soul by Pico Iyer, from Portland May-June Stephanie Glaros Giant figures are talking and strutting and singing on enormous screens above me, and someone is chattering away on the mini-screen in the cab from which I just stepped. Nine people at this street corner are shouting into thin air, wearing wires around their chins and jabbing at the screens in their hands. One teenager, I read recently, senttext messages in a month—or 10 a minute for every minute of her waking day, assuming that she was awake 16 hours a day.

Into thin air mini essay

The writer was hired by the Outside Magazine to report on the commercialization of various mountain expeditions. This acts as the main theme and thesis within the book. The main plan was for Krakauer to join a mountain expedition, climb up to the lowest camp or the base camp and report from the given location.

This plan however changes as he decides to fulfill his childhood dream of journeying to the Everest. Achieving the summit of a mountain was tangible, immutable, concrete. The book evidences the need for friendships and close Into thin air mini essay during various life periods and accomplishments.

Krakauer outlines this when he reveals how important it is to trust ones friends or teammates as reflected by this mountain expedition. The writer displays much confidence in the midst of his teammates as they decide to climb the highest and most dangerous mountain in the world; note that, the team comprises of strangers of which most have no experience at all in climbing.

However, this team convenes with a unified goal and thus acting as the basis for the trust element.

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It is good to apply such a policy in normal areas of life, as we all need people to shoulder our needs. Throughout the book, it is observed that when one person gets into trouble the closest person to them must help immediately.

For instance, when the travelling mates experience the effects of hypoxia or high altitudes that alter their minds, they have to watch out for one another.

Into thin air mini essay

This evidences that trust in one another gets most of them through the climb. In instances where trust breaks down between the teammates, death is highly noted. Another valuable lesson that I have learnt from the book is the need for loyalty among friends or teammates.

This was quite impactful as it encouraged me towards changing some actions that constituted to bad conduct.

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Trust and loyalty are related but loyalty is very important, as without loyalty trust is a null aspect. For instance, a travel guide is extremely loyal to his group due to the leadership responsibility.

Whenever a client gets into trouble, it is always the role of the guide to assist. From the book, Lopsang Sherpa reflects loyalty to Fischer. When Fischer gets lost in the summit, Sherpa searches for him undeterred by the deadly weather present within the given period.

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Hall also evidences loyalty to Hansen as he refuses vehemently to leave Hansen at the summit up to the point of his demise Krakauer The best writing in the book is how it shows the importance of trust and loyalty as this is the most important thing in life.

Throughout the whole book, the importance of trust and loyalty is explained as matters of life and death. This is because trust in ones teammates qualifies one either to live or to die.

The story and the book in general have symbolism. For instance, the mountain is divided into camps. This makes the climbers encouraged as it becomes easier to view the climb from one camp to another achievable other than viewing the climb to the peak.

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Thus, the camps act as smaller goals within the bigger goal of climbing the whole mountain. The camps are also seen as safe havens as whenever a calamity occurs, the next option is always to make way back to camp where there is safety and shelter.

The reading is very emotional as it gives the story of tragic events that took place in the mountain and the effect of trust and loyalty on a group of people faced by calamity.

The book is an interesting read and it is effective in prose as the events of the story follow each other systematically. I consider myself a very fortunate person for having friends residing in the United States of America whom I can trust because of their pledge of loyalty to me.

Prior to my relocation to the United States of America, I did not have any friends in this new land. I therefore invested in making new friends among my Indonesian colleagues. I succeeded in cultivating trust and loyalty among this particular society, and this highly aided in my achievement of being the president of the Indonesian community in DVC.

This fete was, however, not just a walk in the park. I had to overcome great challenges to accomplish this. In order to develop a wide network of Indonesian friends, I would first join a small group and establish a good rapport and trust with the same. After accomplishing this, I would then move to another group and so on.

This method came quite in handy because of the great number of Indonesian students. Records indicate that there are currently about registered Indonesian students.

There are hiccups that I have had to encounter during my stay.

Into thin air mini essay

These include rumors that easily spread among the smaller groups of the community. Since I can only be at one place at a given time, it becomes a challenge when two different groups would want me to play with them at the same time.Your research essay topic may also need to be related to the specific class you are taking.

For example, an economics class may require a business research paper, while a class on human behavior may call for a psychology research paper.

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Oct 16,  · Into Thin Air Straddling the top of the world, one foot in Tibet and the other in Nepal, I cleared the ice from my oxygen mask, hunched a shoulder against the wind, and stared absently at the vast sweep of earth below.

I understood on some dim, detached level that it was a spectacular sight. into thin air essay Your Staffing Solutions college confidential sat essay Locations essay computer Contact critical essay thesis statement Home Essay writing on books Help your students improve their writing skills with these six mini books grammar punctuation parts of speech story poetry and essay writing sreevatsa tube corporation.

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