How to write a hard news story

It does take practice and not everyone will be an expert but if you follow the guidelines below you should be able to create effective news items without too much stress. The Five "W"s and the "H" This is the crux of all news - you need to know five things: Any good news story provides answers to each of these questions.

How to write a hard news story

But when we think of making money from our writing, we tend to get hung up on the idea of publishing a novel—or, better yet, a series of novels. Selling short fiction into paying markets nets you exposure, new readers, and, oh yeah, some cash! The truth is you can find a short story publisher if you know where to look.

It accepts poetry, short contemporary fiction, and some critical essays or other nonfiction. There are two print magazines per year and other fiction is published online biweekly.

You can submit between September and May every year. Black Warrior Review About: Black Warrior Review is the graduate English department publication of the University of Alabama and is produced twice a year.

This literary magazine seeks to embrace diversity and risky fiction; it welcomes both authors and stories with diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ, dis ability, and people of color.

Although it prefers contemporary fiction to strict category genres, magical realism and futuristic stories are encouraged—anything that pushes boundaries and encourages deep thought is embraced.

Black Warrior Review also accepts graphic novels and visual narratives. Another longstanding, award-winning journal, Boulevard has been publishing contemporary short stories, poetry, and essays since It particularly encourages new writers to submit—authors who have already been published in another paying market are actually at a disadvantage here!

You can submit between October and May each year. One unique feature is that the editors frequently respond to submissions with editorial critiques instead of just a rejection note. Carve only publishes literary fiction, not genre fiction so no horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, thrillers, etc.

Glimmertrain champions new and emerging writers in its three annual issues. The Iowa Review About: Part of the prestigious University of Iowa writing program, this journal has been around since and specializes in publishing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction in a variety of styles.

It publishes three times a year and accepts submissions in September, October, and November each year.

Writing Broadcast News

Another journal that welcomes contemporary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction essays, The Missouri Review has been around since It publishes four issues per year and frequently publishes new writers. Published three times a year as a high-quality paper journal, Ploughshares is one of the most respected literary journals in the world.

They accept submissions during a particular window, usually from June through January each year. Contemporary literary fiction is preferred.

The Southern Review About: The Southern Review publishes contemporary fiction, poetry, and selected nonfiction including essays and book reviews.

Story Ideas about Difficult Decisions

Submissions are accepted between September and December each year. It publishes four times a year, in print and online. Science Fiction and Fantasy Analog About: Analog publishes a wide range of science fiction, including welcoming hard science fiction.

The technology, worldbuilding, and characters and plot must all be believable and seamlessly woven together—no tacking a plot on to a really cool world. New writers are encouraged to submit.

how to write a hard news story

Do you write edgy sci-fi, fantasy, or horror? They actively seek boundary-pushing speculative fiction for their monthly online issues, which are available through a hybrid combo of free online access and paid eBook editions.

Many now-famous writers got their start with Apex, which still regularly publishes new authors. Clarkesworld has won just about every award out there, and stories published in its pages also regularly win awards.

It publishes monthly issues and also publishes story collections through its book program. Clarkesworld welcomes fantasy, sci-fi, and horror of many types, but they have a long list of themes that they see too often; check it out before you submit.The lead must be consistent with the news point, the theme of the story.

It must lead the reader straight to the heart of the event. Notice how John Reb­chook of the El Paso Herald‑Post takes this delayed lead to the news point in the fourth paragraph, the current status of the drive to collect unpaid traffic fines.

Hard News Vs. Feature Stories Hard news articles are written so the reader can stop reading at any time, and still come away with the whole story.

This is very . Aug 30,  · If you want to write a short story, first decide on the central conflict for your story, then create a main character who deals with that problem, and decide whether they will 72%().

Find and write a story about a campus club that involves an element of danger, such as scuba diving, skydiving, mountain climbing, hang gliding or spelunking.

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Write a story regarding how many students flunk out of your college or university each year. A feature story is a piece of non-fiction writing about news. A feature story is a type of soft news.

how to write a hard news story

[1] The main sub-types are the news feature and the human-interest story. COM (Introduction to Journalism) COM (Print Newswriting) SUPPLEMENTAL NOTES: Soft Leads It is usually used with feature stories or longer news stories with a focus on the human aspect of a news issue. who is working hard just to keep the shaking ambulance in one lane.

How to Write News Stories