How to improve your school

EMAIL Two goals every school leader can embrace are continuous improvement and wringing as much value as possible from every dollar in the budget. These two tasks do not have to be mutually exclusive.

How to improve your school

Find an adult in your school who is safe, supportive, and empowering. Ask a teacher what they want to see happen to make schools better places. Have real, frank, open, and honest conversations with other adults, too, each focused on what they want to see happen. Find out if they see any role for students in making those things happen.

Offer a group of students who are willing to talk openly with teachers and administrators about how they think schools should improve, and hold dialogue opportunities for students and adults to talk together. Create a formal or informal group for students who want to make your school a better place.

Meet regularly, make plans, and take action. Host a school improvement mixer for students and adults in schools who are concerned with creating better schools to encourage student-adult partnerships.

Meet With School Leaders. Call for a meeting with the principal for students to highlight the concerns and recommendations you have for school. Talk to adults about meaningfully involving young people in meetings, and consider declining to attend meetings where only one highly involved student is invited.

Hang Out At School.

How to improve your school

If they know about computers, ask them to assist you. If they understand diversity, ask them to teach you.

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Help them appreciate it by giving credit where its due. Be honest and forthright with adults, while supporting their efforts to improve. Treat Adults As Individuals.

One adult cannot represent all adults, and each must learn how to represent themselves. Speak to adults with respect, and avoid interrupting other youth or adults.

Hold a movie night and discussion for students and adults either at your school or in your community. Do you know things about technology, the community, or other topics you think that teachers, parents, community members, or other adults can learn?

Hold a student-led professional development session and invite adults from throughout your school to attend. Create a tight program, identify real learning goals, and facilitate good learning for everyone involved. Start A Resource Library.

Share those links with your friends, parents, teachers, and others. Include books, websites, and organizations working on school improvement, student organizing and activism, and youth power. Teach Other Students About Education.Staff communication can improve a school culture and learning outcomes.

Our current use of email and casual faculty room conversations are not sufficient any longer.

For our collaborative efforts to have lasting impacts, we need conversations that are open, ongoing, and complex. Therefore, your school’s library design is just as important as classroom design. Today I’m looking at the biggest design problems facing school libraries, and offering advice to help you tackle these problems head-on, to improve your school library design and improve student performance.

Is your school’s website showing its age? Is the navigation confusing? Is the site difficult to open on phones or tablets?

Are you looking for ways to improve your school website? Teach About School Improve. Work with a teacher to co-design a lesson plan for students, parents, and the community about education reform and student involvement.

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Get Listed. Create a listing of all opportunities for involvement in your school and community. Conduct A Teach-In On School Reform For Students and Adults.

Place an improvement box in your classroom. Encourage students to write down ideas about changes they feel could improve relationships, academic success, and the overall positive vibe in the classroom. Every month, pull out the box and sit in a circle.

Discuss the ideas and put some of their plans into action. Change your classroom environment. 20 Ways Students Can Improve Schools. Identify An Adult Ally In School.

20 Ways Students Can Improve Schools

Find an adult in your school who is safe, supportive, and empowering. Talk with them about being there for you as you work to improve your own learning and your school, and ask if they’ll be an adult ally to you. Have A Real Conversation With A Teacher.

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