Green computing corporate social responsibility

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Green computing corporate social responsibility

Green computing corporate social responsibility

Theory[ edit ] The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design". Great design is sustainable design: Rather than considering green building design as an externality, architects must think about it as a set of principles for great design.

This includes better user experience and comfort, doing more with less to enable the building to easily achieve peak performance, and maximizing the effectives of durable, quality materials.

Diminishing returns are the result of reaching natural limits.

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Common business management practice is to read diminishing returns in any direction of effort as an indication of diminishing opportunity, the potential for accelerating decline and a signal to seek new opportunities elsewhere. Unsustainable investment[ edit ] A problem arises when the limits of a resource are hard to see, so increasing investment in response to diminishing returns may seem profitable as in the Tragedy of the Commonsbut may lead to a collapse.

This problem of increasing investment in diminishing resources has also been studied in relation to the causes of civilization collapse by Joseph Tainter among others.

Relieving over-stressed resources requires reducing pressure on them, not continually increasing it whether more efficiently or not. All forms of disposal have negative impacts on the environment, public health, and local economies. Landfills have contaminated drinking water.

Garbage burned in incinerators has poisoned air, soil, and water. The majority of water treatment systems change the local ecology.

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Attempts to control or manage wastes after they are produced fail to eliminate environmental impacts. The toxics components of household products pose serious health risks and aggravate the trash problem.

The only way to avoid environmental harm from waste is to prevent its generation. Pollution prevention means changing the way activities are conducted and eliminating the source of the problem. It does not mean doing without, but doing differently. For example, preventing waste pollution from litter caused by disposable beverage containers does not mean doing without beverages; it just means using refillable bottles.

Waste prevention strategies In planning for facilities, a comprehensive design strategy is needed for preventing generation of solid waste.

A good garbage prevention strategy would require that everything brought into a facility be recycled for reuse or recycled back into the environment through biodegradation. This would mean a greater reliance on natural materials or products that are compatible with the environment.

Any resource-related development is going to have two basic sources of solid waste — materials purchased and used by the facility and those brought into the facility by visitors.

The following waste prevention strategies apply to both, although different approaches will be needed for implementation: It opened on September 27, While the practical application varies among disciplinessome common principles are as follows: There is also a large body of new methods emerging from the rapid development of what has become known as 'sustainability science' promoted by a wide variety of educational and governmental institutions.

Such a system promotes minimal resource use per unit of consumption e. Insist on the right of humanity and nature to co-exist in a healthy, supportive, diverse, and sustainable conditions. The elements of human design interact with and depend on the natural world, with broad and diverse implications at every scale.

Expand design considerations to recognizing even distant effects. Respect relationships between spirit and matter. Consider all aspects of human settlement including community, dwelling, industry, and trade in terms of existing and evolving connections between spiritual and material consciousness.

Accept responsibility for the consequences of design decisions upon human well-being, the viability of natural systems, and their right to co-exist. Create safe objects of long-term value.

Do not burden future generations with requirements for maintenance or vigilant administration of potential danger due to the careless creations of products, processes, or standards.

Green computing corporate social responsibility

Eliminate the concept of waste. Evaluate and optimize the full life-cycle of products and processes, to approach the state of natural systems in which there is no waste.

Rely on natural energy flows.Aditya Aima, Vice President – Head Marketing & Business Strategy, Astro AWANI Network Sdn. Bhd. Discover how IBM's breakthrough technologies are transforming industries with smarter ways to do business, new growth opportunities and strategies to compete and win.

Sustainable design (also called environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design, etc.) is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Every day, Dell is pairing technology with innovation to make a positive social and environmental impact – building a Legacy of are committed to putting our technology and expertise to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet, making possible today what was impossible yesterday.

There is growing research in all areas of ethics and CSR that govern the activities of a firm and the value systems that underlie their business activities. Cognizant is a multinational corporation that provides IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services.

It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United regardbouddhiste.comant is included in the NASDAQ and the S&P indices. It is also one of the fastest growing Fortune companies.

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