Bsnl pricing strategy

Posted in Services, Total Reads: BSNL provides a variety of telecom and internet facilities to its users. For the voice call, video call and internet facility that too from the broadband network access, BSNL has set up a world class infrastructure which is currently serving more than 20 million customers who are using all types of landline and broadband services made available to them. BSNL is currently focusing in improving its internet service by increasing its range and providing a bigger bandwidth to its users.

Bsnl pricing strategy

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Their customer base as on July 31, was at BSNL has an installed Network in the country comprising about However, with such a large base, excellent brand recall, political backing and huge workforce, the company has not been doing well and in fact has reported a loss in the previous financial year.

BSNL had reported the highest net profit of over Rs10, crore in but since then its profits have been falling. The losses have more than tripled to about Rs.

The company had registered a net loss of Rs. This article aims are preparing a competitive strategy for BSNL and select suitable competitive portfolio so that the company can emerge out of the crisis it is in. Further, the change management strategy that has to be adopted in order to implement the changes in the organisation is given in this section.

Competitive Strategy and suitable corporate Bsnl pricing strategy Before we embark upon suggesting a suitable corporate portfolio, it is important to analyse the current the functioning and management of BSNL. Long serving employees and excellent knowledge of the market, customers, tacit knowledge Bsnl pricing strategy of BSNL is unique.

They are different from the competition since customers view BSNL as a 2 Page state run firm and profit not being the only motive, would be willing to trust them more than other competitors. BSNL, being a completely government owned organisation, they can use their political affiliations to change the rules of the market, create entry barriers for competition, and lobby for influencing the market to leverage their strengths, policies that give them an edge, and those which do not violate TRAI and other fair trade practices, can be adopted.

While we discuss the selection of suitable portfolio from the competitive strategies, apart from the strengths of BSNL highlighted above, it is important that the crucial questions of what can be done that is not being done at BSNL is pondered.

Some of the questions that we have to ask and find answers that hold key to developing a competitive strategy and designing a suitable portfolio are: For this it is important to understand the parameter for being the largest.

Is it revenue, Av. Clarity in purpose and vision is essential to developing a suitable competitive strategy. Is the mission aligned with its current position? Has it redefined its mission from a state run entity, interested in nation development to a corporate that has to deliver to its owners and stake holders?

What has been done towards continuous innovation in product and delivery of services with the appropriate pricing is the key strategy for developing the trust in customer so that he keeps his loyalty with BSNL.

How will this be done? Ultimately it is the quality, customer care, and timely availability apart from price, which will matter.

Bsnl pricing strategy

What are the actions being taken towards these critical success factors? Has there ever been an examination of their revenue break-up? Currently there are 13 brands that have to be developed and positioned. How can these be leveraged? Can these outlets be their core strength?

Why are the recharge coupons, India Telephone Cards are in shortage when there is no capacity constraint? With competition heating up, gone are the days when customers deposited money with BSNL in advance for connections and security money for value added services. There are no fixed deposits; and the working capital and other funds requirements have to be met from operating revenues.

What is the plan to improve collections, realize bills early, not on the last day of payment and reduce bad debts? In line with the market needs, does BSNL have a 24X7 culture in their organization, though operation and maintenance are provided on 24X7 basis?

What about provisioning customer care and marketing on 24X7 basis? On the pricing front, BSNL does not have a choice but to follow the market trend.

They can only bundle the packages in such a manner that the premium services bring more revenue. Focus must not be on reducing charges, but upgrading each customer by RS 20 — RS 50 by offering them more add on relevant services.

It is usually much easier to sell additional things to existing customers than to add new customer, and the customer base of BSNL is quite huge and substantive for this model.

In order to differentiate itself from competition, BSNL Business development units have to be given the task to develop and nurture long-term relations with corporate houses.Marketing strategies of BSNL.

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By Shri G S Grover Director (C &M), BSNL. Shri N K Srivastava CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad. Shri Sunil Kumar DDG Marketing BSNL CO. Continuous innovation in product and delivery of services with the appropriate pricing is the key strategy for developing the trust in customer so that he keeps his loyalty with BSNL.

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Do we 1/5(1). Price in the marketing mix of Airtel The company uses competitive pricing strategy just like any other network providers because of the competition which is present in this sector. However, Airtel also provides flexible pricing mechanism depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Bsnl pricing strategy

Marketing Mix of BSNL analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the BSNL marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company. A Study on Marketing Strategies of BSNL in Telecommunication Services -A Comparative Study India due to convenience and low pricing of the fast growing mobile telecom services.

• The BSNL is the most adversely affected service provider in the. strategy, pricing strategy, distribution (place) strategy, promotion strategy, people strategy, physical evidence strategy and process strategy are widely utilised by the telecom service providers to design, develop, differentiate and implement their.

Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution Determine and discuss a pricing strategy (Penetration or Skimming). The pricing strategy for Crystal Light Kicks will eventually be in line with current pricing of other Crystal Light products as the Crystal Light brand is already in existence.

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