Alcohol breathalyzer circuit using 8051

This article is about a breathalyzer circuit using microcontroller which outputs the blood alcohol content BAC from the breath.

Alcohol breathalyzer circuit using 8051

More Details The project is designed for a three phase solid state relay system. It incorporates three single phase units where each phase is controlled individually by a power triac with RC snubber network for zero voltage switching.

Opto-isolators are used for each phase to receive switching signals from a microcontroller of family. Loads are connected in series with a set of triacs being driven by the opto-isolator. The microcontroller is designed to generate output pulses after zero voltage pulse to ensure that the load is getting switched on at zero cross of the supply waveform.

The zero crossing feature of the TRIAC driver, an opto-isolator ensures low noise generation thus avoiding sudden inrush of current on resistive and inductive loads. Here in this project we are using two push buttons for generating output pulses from the microcontroller randomly, not coinciding with zero voltage supply voltage of the waveform.

Using a CRO or a DSO we can see the waveform of the voltage supplied to the load for verifying the switching of the load at the zero voltage point.

Further the project can be enhanced by using 2 back to back SCRs ,in each phase for heavy load switching as used in industries. Over load and short circuit protection can also be incorporated for higher reliability.

More Details Maximum Retail Price inclusive of all taxes:IoT Breathalyzer with Cayenne, ESP, and MQ3 Sensor by DominicP21 in Microcontrollers. 4 Make Your Own Smoke Detector Circuit using Arduino by vividz in Arduino. 33 13K. Compost Sensor by kinasmith in.

23K. Using Humidity sensor with Microcontroller by ashoksharma in Sensors. 11 K. Arduino MATLAB - Interfacing with. Breathalyzer using The voltage output of the alcohol sensor is converted into a digital format using the ADC (IC1).

Circuit diagram for alcohol sensor websites -, Electronic projects circuits How does the program work?

The V ref/2 pin of the ADC is held at V using the voltage divider network made of . 1. High sensitive Alcohol sensor with auto car ignition disable function 2.

Alcohol Detection and Automatic Drunken Drive Avoiding System 3.

Alcohol breathalyzer circuit using 8051

automatic drunken drive prevention system - GIAP Journals. Now let us talk about this popular chip. It has Here AT89S51 is used as Microcontroller Unit (MCU) which acts as the heart for the system.

common breathalyzer. It has a high sensitivity to small value of BAC and fast response time, provides without detection of circuit detects the alcohol . MQ3 alcohol sensor module can be easily interfaced with Microcontrollers, Arduino Boards, Raspberry Pi etc. This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer.

We live in a World of Sensors. You can find different types of Sensors in our homes, offices, cars etc. working to make our lives easier by turning on the lights by detecting our.

MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Module