A vacation with my grandparents

Comment required September 2, 7: The Illinois woman nearly had a DNA sample to prove the claims, but the offer from an estranged Arnaz relative was suddenly rescinded under circumstances that have only deepened the mystery.

A vacation with my grandparents

He often joked that they really did have running water—he ran to the well with a bucket and ran back. However, we should be reminded that many of these things are luxuries, not necessities, even though media and peer pressure would have us believe otherwise. For me, the jury is still out on GPS devices for your car.

Besides, some of the best discoveries are found when you are lost. Direct quote from my grandfather: Yes, people can live without a cell phone.

A vacation with my grandparents

In fact, many still do, as hard as that is to imagine. If you are concerned with safety while traveling, consider a prepaid phone and keep it charged. Heck, even a cell phone without a calling plan, but a charged battery, can call in an emergency.

While I do consider cell phones more of a utility these days, I consider data plans and all the bells and whistles a luxury. I own a DroidX, and curse the bill every time it hits the mailbox! The concept of borrowing has been around for centuries, but it has only evolved into plastic over the last century.

Electronic Book Readers Kindle. They even let you borrow them for a couple weeks at libraries for free.

A vacation with my grandparents

Yes, I know toys like the Kindle do other stuff, but its primary role is an electronic book reader. I purchased a Kindle in the hopes it would make me read more.

My grandfather could remember times before television! If our grandparents got sick, I mean bad sick not a simple cold or poison ivythey went to the doct0r and paid for their services.

However, one could certainly make the argument preventative medicine has helped us live longer, healthier lives, and much of that is made more affordable thanks to health insurance plans. Up until my grandfather owned a decades old, inch floor model console television. He eventually got rid of it when the picture began to have problems around the edges, and now has a basic inch screen on a shelf.

Why pay to listen to something that is available for free over the airwaves? Xbox, Playstation and Wii. I remember one Christmas while staying with my grandparents I got an Atari game system. I hooked it up to the television and ran through games like Combat, Frogger and Pole Position.

He thought it was interesting enough, but those little game cartridges sure were expensive! Calculators and electronic cash registers.“When we were young, we used to pack our bags on the first day of the vacation itself and head to Dalhousie, where my grandparents lived. It was only in the last week of the vacation that my dad would come to pick us up and spend a few days there himself.

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