A study on puerto rico and its statehood

You Might Be Next Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the island's rescue might simply be a harbinger of things to come on the mainland.

A study on puerto rico and its statehood

Congress under a constitutional obligation to admit Puerto Rico as the fifty-first state of the Union if this is the ample preference of U.

A study on puerto rico and its statehood

Or if these voters favor another form of permanent union with the United States, is Congress required to allow for such arrangement? Before proceeding, I feel compelled to address one particularly important matter: Puerto Ricans are natural-born U.

This status as U. Persons born in Puerto Rico have been U. Congress, in the exercise of its power over the territory it has now held for years, must be cognizant of the portentous nature of such citizenship. These cases are still the law of the land despite their imperialistic and racial underpinnings.

Recent Supreme Court jurisprudence appears to reaffirm this power. Inin Puerto Rico v. To hold that the political branches have the power to switch the Constitution on and off at will is quite another. Only its power over citizens inhabiting a territory is.

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It makes the board an entity of the territorial government, rather than of the federal government, [19] and places the same above the two elected branches of local government, even sub silentio above the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, for purposes of fiscal actions.

While statehood or independence—or even a modification of the status quo within the territorial framework—are possible future paths with clear consequences, [23] Congress could instead continue to hold the island in perennial limbo as it has done for years. For example, Congress could incorporate Puerto Rico and not make it a state indefinitely—indeed, it took ninety-two years for the incorporated territory of Alaska to become a state.

Historical Precedent The authors point to the Philippines as historical precedent of unilaterally disposing of a territory via independence.

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In Congress granted the Philippines autonomy. At no point did the people of the Philippines vote for independence. For example, once the Philippines became a sovereign nation, its citizens born therein no longer held U.

Similarly, in the Canal Zone, upon returning the same to Panama, individuals subsequently born there would no longer be U.

A study on puerto rico and its statehood

Absent statehood or a specific pronouncement by the Supreme Court, if Congress maintains or modifies the current commonwealth scheme, or opts for territorial secession, there is no guarantee that persons born in Puerto Rico after a specific date provided by statute will receive natural-born citizenship, statutory citizenship, or even U.

Conclusion I commend and applaud Professors Blocher and Gulati for preparing such an excellent and persuasive Article.To make it work, Democrats must devote resources to the task of considering what post-statehood measures would most effectively contribute to rebuilding Puerto Rico and its .

"Because Puerto Rico is a territory and not a state, the people of Puerto Rico can be, and are, treated differently," said Rep.

Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., who represents a heavily Puerto Rican. Of course, it’s possible to oppose statehood for Puerto Rico for reasons unrelated to party allegiance. It has an undeniably heavy debt load—in its $ billion in total debt exceeded its gross domestic product ($ billion). Yet this hardly makes it unique.

There are states both traditionally conservative and liberal with. Jul 14,  · Puerto Rico's Warning for States, Cities: You Might Be Next Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla said the island's rescue might simply be a harbinger of things to come on the mainland. Puerto Rico Statehood Commission: Annual Report - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

pages long. The statehood movement in Puerto Rico aims to make Puerto Rico a state of the United States. Five referenda have been held on the topic, most recently in The population of Puerto Rico as of was over 3 million people and larger than 21 states.

Pres. Trump: No statehood for Puerto Rico with critics in office