A comparison between arthur millers play the crucible and the scandal surrounding president clinton

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A comparison between arthur millers play the crucible and the scandal surrounding president clinton

Triliegi Dateline Saturday November 14, In comparison to the most recent Republican Presidential debate, the Democrats had a love fest, set an agenda, clarified their differences and, it seems to me, are starting to create a cabinet ideology for the American people, before they even win the election, which, if they continue as such, may very well do so.

So, no one onstage has the charisma, the excitement and energy that President Barack Obama brought to the elections seven years ago.

A comparison between arthur millers play the crucible and the scandal surrounding president clinton

What many do have is an intelligence, a concern and clearly a compassion for working class people that could entirely mobilize a young, ethnic and elderly crowd who care about the future of America. That is not to say that Republicans do not care about the future, obviously, they do, in their own ' special way.

It's way to soon to say, who, will get the nominations on either side. Obviously, their are front runners, it's a horse race, but the conditions of the track, have not been identified: I would not lay bets just yet.

Looking at how Mr.

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Obama stacked his cabinet and appointments after his victory some years ago, gives us an idea of how the Democratic National team, does their thing. It appears that they will most likely do the same and, if they do, this could be good news for working class, the middle class, students and a wave of much needed compassion in America.

Hey, lets not get carried away, it's politics we are talking about here, not rocket science or brain surgery, this is a Nation. Who would have thought this little dude with the very Big Spirit could overcome all the obvious concerns and send a strong message to people who sold us out long ago.

If America can hear his message, if he can convince middle America that he can actually do what he will set out to do, he will make a great Vice President.

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Obviously, she's got it going on. Can she clarify how her White House will work? With Bill, it was daily running, trips to McDonalds and one incredible economy boosting machine, that put America back to work.

We are wondering and she has wanted it for a very long time. I hope we don't have to turn this into the first woman thing all year long. She would do well to shy away from that type of storyline and deal with some of the things Sanders is dealing with: Yes, he's young, he's straight as an arrow and squeaky clean behind the ears, but hey: Who knew how great the State of Maryland is?


Makes we want to move there tomorrow. He's what we can be proud of in America, and that's always a good thing and he's representing that state and his record with the utmost of straight forwardness, although, lets face it: Baltimore is in trouble and we all know it.

That said, Bernie SANDERS' call for a Political Revolution will probably be the most energizing aspect of this election cycle for issues that concern America today, and to counter that argument, you will always have The Republicans, who are going to turn this horse race into a World Wrestling Federation match, all the way down the line.


Triliegi Dateline Tuesday November 10, A Quick look at the Republican Debate has this writer and sometime director of films wondering: Whose coaching these candidates? As a complete outsider of politics with a few distant family ties to strong and influential politicians in my lineage: Here is my advice.

And, this comes from neither a Rep or a Dem viewpoint, just a viewer of the Circus we now call politics in America.Arthur Miller portrayed the evidence in The Crucible as only eye witness accounts and petty reasoning, such as the ability to fake a faint. The characters that danced in the woods were considered reliable and what they said was all that was needed to convict the people of witchcraft.

Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay. In Arthur Millers Crucible he creates a lot of tension and conflict between husband and wife John and Elizabeth Proctor, in act 2. Parallels between Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, and his article Why I wrote the Crucible, can easily support Miller’s reasons for writing this classic play.

Apr 01,  · Arthur Miller’s endlessly revived historical drama from suddenly feels like the freshest, scariest play in town. was such Author: Ben Brantley.

A. Lincoln: The Crucible of Congress, by Paul Findley: reviewed, 73 Kentucky As A Test Case," ; "The Origins of Proslavery Thought in Kentucky, ," 90 The Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project: An Annotated Guide, noted, ; and Terry L. Birdwhistell, "The Appalachian Image Reexamined: An Oral.

Author Millers, The Crucible takes a close look at John Proctors, conflict between his raw deeds and his conception of himself. Throughout the play John Proctor is tormented by this conflict. He struggles against his own weakness to achieve a view of himself that he can accept.

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A comparison between arthur millers play the crucible and the scandal surrounding president clinton

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